Moon For Days

by Sun Kin

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released January 1, 2016

The Players:

Kabir Kumar, Geoff Saba, Patrick James, Oliver Ignatius, Ken Herman, Carlos Parreno, Daniel Kolpin, Daniel Fisher, Piper Gragg, Alex Simon, Katy Cain

This album was mixed primarily by Geoff Saba at Itinerant Home Recordings
"Critical Ridicule" was mixed by Grayson Flood
This album was mastered by Oliver Ignatius at Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen

Artwork by Laura Kiernan & Katie Levitt
All songs by Kabir Kumar



all rights reserved


Sun Kin Oakland, California

Sun Kin is a band from Oakland, CA that plays celestial songs by Kabir Kumar.

Please send inquiries and treatises to


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Track Name: The Love Between Us
The love that's between us,
I will not conceal it.
I won't let things go unsaid.
I will not feel sorry
for needing somebody
it's too sweet when you need me as well.

It isn't easy,
I am too scared
to show you me.
I'll be carved up.

The dust of our discourse
builds up in my lungs
and I cough out bits of me and you.
Pretending to be insincere,
but I've swallowed you whole this year.

Whenever I'm filled up with you,
it's like there's less air in the room,
for all that I have got to lose,
it's like I'm finally taking root.

The love that's between us,
it's getting between us.
I've got to say it
before it's too late.

It's getting between us,
the love that's between us,
it's pulling my hair out
though you're holding my head up.
If I don't uproot it
and hold it straight up
then it's coming for me,
it's coming behind me to
Track Name: Dark Moods
I've got a dark mood that I keep away
for something unexpected like a raincheck.
I've got a jacket but it's filled with my veins
and body that I just cannot respect.
I wanted to be like a thing of rain
that could disconnect the self from
solemn thoughts of pain
but now the wheels are spinning out, I'm getting stuck.

I've gotten so good at lying to myself.
I've gotten skilled at lying by myself.
Telling me I know exactly what I need
when I just hope somebody's missing me.

There is a tingle on each one of my temples
when I feel somebody talking straight through me.
A spray of water gushing from a sprinkler
courses in to wash my face and wake me up from sleep.

I've gotten so good at sleeping in the day.
New habits seem the hardest to break.
Not even dreams could conjure up some faith
when my body's spilling out of me.

I'm not worthless, I know that.
Your mouth is open but it's just in my head.
I'm the contestant of the game of my brain
and if I figure out the rules I can win.
The friendship's sailing back into the bay
and now I'm standing straight up at the wheel
feeling vibrations coming out of my head,
telling dark moods to hide themselves again.
Track Name: Leavesdropping
Reel around till you're really alone
and hear the darkest country moan.
Reel around till you hear falling leaves
calling out in sighs of relief.
Breathe in and out until you
find the air for
a plea to common sense.

You never see outside the biodome
constructed all around your life
made up of soundproofing material
so words will not destroy the vibe.

Feel around till you feel less alone
and more alive--
a windy day can give way.
Move about inside your cage and concentrate
on growing up and getting out of self.

Cut to you sitting on the courtyard floor,
sweat dripping down your sides.
You'll never see over the stony walls,
greenery inside the lines.
They'll try to help you find out where you are
but you're too busy finding loss.
Balancing ballast on the palest star
without your ear to the ground.

There's always something I'm hearing
that I shouldn't be fearing.
Track Name: Tang
My eyes alight on semi-permeable skin
in a lovely diary,
I'm trying to find New York in her eyes.

Washing down my skin and my sins
In a foam container.
Lifted up in pot smoke,
cupped inside a lemon vial.

I've got more to say, don't leave me alone.
I'm sore, but sure today that I'll always measure you in rags.

Cold shore breathing,
in and out on the banks of a dark Pacific wave.
Cut up sleeping
in the dank basement of an old American store
where they found the bones.

At the age of eighteen in a National Park,
the bear took him in both paws and lay him down.

Kaleidoscopic in the back of my mind,
we both started walking home.
We both smelled just like before,
the piercing tang of petrichor.
Track Name: Critical Ridicule
She said, "The moment is a lie.
There'll never be two people just like us.
And that's why this second's not alive,
because it's only wasted on our lives."

He said, "You say the moment's dying,
but isn't just this minute so sublime?
Isn't sitting here with me enough,
the orange rind of sunlight slowly sighing..."
Track Name: Someone Should
Universe, someone should tell them that I'm in the hall.
Universally discounted, I am on the pulse.
Whatever your thoughts about it, I don't fucking care.
When you're struggling to find them cuz your job's a bear.
When you'd rather be out with the flowers in your hair.
Track Name: Planet Earthling (feat. Exitpost)
I was tripping in my room,
waiting up all night for someone to come
lift up my spirits, take me in their loving Nissan,
plug in the aux cable, turn it on.

I was idolizing mountains, thinking out loud
that if I was somewhere higher with a view,
there would be a better reason
but I'd still want you all there.

I was going after what I thought I saw in my eye
but you made me realize
there's only skull and brain behind.

I was tripping in the town
going up and down different hillsides
wondering if I'd ever live by
a fresher breath of air.

I'd like to see the two of you in the shower around me,
splashing water everywhere, singing loudly.
I'd like to peel the clay off your face
and replace it with me in your space.
Plant it on me, planet earthling.
Track Name: Violent Little Thing
Last time I saw Shane was '99
She had a dress to show off her neckline
"Kiss me, kiss me, it's almost the end
But over the next year I might see you again."

I shook, this wasn't the path to take
City's flooded, I am inside a lake
Love soaks, I don't know what that means
The shit that you speak is what I see

She takes a step from me
I don't know what or where to say
There is a mouse inside my coat
You should tread very softly

Shane is such a violent little thing
A thug who likes to pry and rip and sing
There is a white rabbit inside her wall
I wish I could climb inside and pull it out
Track Name: Be Here Now
I was locking my bike up to the middle school fence
when I remembered that I had left my lunch in my locker.
It had already gone bad, there was a terrible stench,
other kids came around and they gestured and snickered.
In the basement of our house with my twin best friends,
we were just horsing around with their little brother.
And I guess I was feeling like he was being a little loud,
that was the only time I drew blood with my knuckles.

Be here now
Because I can't throw anything away
I'm a criminal
I have stolen all of the things you said

I spent every single second with them playing in their house
on the other side of the pool in the compound
and then Aaron's dad called my dad and he said,
"Why is it that your son is always in my house?"
My dad was shouting my name from upstairs with intent
and telling me that I wasn't welcome over there.
"No one needs the guy that seems like he needs them
and you shouldn't ever go over again."

Be here now
Because I can't throw anything away
I'm a criminal
I have stolen all of the things you said
Track Name: Always the Way
What I saw is not what really happened
Sweaty palms felt the pulse evaporating
What i saw that record-breaking autumn
Was pentagrams on the pumpkins getting rotten

Tell me what it is when you stop me in the hallways
Always the way

What I saw is not what really happened
Sweaty palms felt the pulse evaporate
What I saw that record-making autumn
Was seven levels of a longer conversation

Tell me what it is when you stop me in the hallways
Always the way

Keep an eye out for a windy visionary
Keep your visions to yourself please
Keep an eye out for the climbing trees
Keep an eye out for a vision of the windy